Sunday, 11 March 2018

German Sweet Potatoes Perfect with Basic Ingredients Available in Taiwan

I'm back to cooking (just got an oven) and really enjoying it. The first run included vegetarian mushrooms and fungi pasta, pork pasta, bibimbob (비빔밥),  Japanese udon and then hot-pot (miso flavor), with side dishes including cucumber and tomato salad (thanks to my Aunt Barbara's recipe), and these sweet potatoes. They took about 40 minutes to boil. Rinse in cold water (they retain enough heat for the butter to melt still). Slice into 1/2-inch or so slabs or slightly thicker tops and bottoms of the taters.
Oh, I skipped the bread crumbs, and thought they were great still. As my wife is watching her cholesterol, I didn't use more than a tablespoon or so for the whole batch of 6 smallish sweet potatoes (地瓜), and spread a thin layer of olive oil over the glass. The brown sugar was local and organic. The salt was coarse sea salt (turned out a bit too salty on some). Freshly ground pepper. Overall, it is a great variation on a local staple--and transports one to Europe (so I am told). 

Now I just have to find cloves and nutmeg, so I can try more dishes in this book (once my mom's):
Source of recipe.

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