Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Wordsworthian Matrix

The boys are bouncing basketballs in the foyer
at lunch. Mothers watch daddy twirl one, stepping out of the math
not to lose the Viagra mortgage over a long haul
spilling over into whatever disaster is left for arguments.

Before the slowdown everyone and their butcher
was frenetic for a connection, not just salables
who feed us frenergy, garnering what we might be
had we been handed more than silver linings to fall through with.

Now, no matter how many flavors I’ve tasted
It’s not the same. The end zone is made of lime,
the soil moist with tater-bugs and possum droppings yields little,
pallid sprouts leaking back to earth illegally laced
undoing the slow genetics of glory days
before the law kicked in, patents lifting bodies from selves.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Bag of Senryu 川柳袋

Asaoka Shinji 浅丘真治 (Dean Brink 包 德樂)

Japanese originals with English translations

雑題 miscellaneous topics

The power out, holding hands going to the restroom.

Wearing a suit today, not going to the usual café.

In a lackluster world, how nice to see a thundering old man again.

While searching for excuses dropping bombs.

Though saying “god and country”
privatizing the army.

America can also sleepwalk into a “Dark Valley.”

In gaping holes dug in the desert
planting cherry trees

Sleepless night
meeting the squirrel on the roof.

Topic:「軽い」light (adj.)
Nimbly climbing
on the roof, in the raccoons hands

Topic:「迷う」 become confused
Meeting in the overflowing café, love blossoms.

Topic:「招待」 invitation
with only one of us


Sunday, 12 October 2008

Bait and Switch Rhizomes

Homer’s boss runs the reactor keeping us busy
while hiding hands one at a time in a washing motion,
a Dali machining into the firmament of landscape,
a slow, frazzled battle sleepwalked out of body.
Living gets old and lightheaded,
be the first to wave the white flag
boys off to compensate for better days and cheaper stuff.
Meanwhile, hunters fan out for greener pastures
in the circling food chain, and the sun
makes its getaway in the steady millions of miles.

The sawing by the café doesn’t bother me
as long as they are replacing rotted ties
on the public walk by the river.
I’m allergic to Genesis and cigarettes,
but they have a database I’ve always dreamt of.
I feel at home as long as tea is allowed.
Ongoing yard sales only go so far
and you turn to burning legs of tables
to roast marshmallows and other
comfort foods that are fun to say:
pork chops and applesauce, in the morning couscous.

(Appeared in November 3rd Club)

Thursday, 9 October 2008

You Can Feel It Fluttering By

A service worker at Mosburger
wears her cap low, undercover,
a temporary leg up from a friend
like my life at Fred Meyers
before I could be bonded to be a checker,
just a gopher: rushing pallets of Tampax
to Pharmacy, helping Barbara facing
Housewares, putting toys back in Variety
or gathering a steel dragon of shopping carts
to ride heavy and steady down the sloping parking lot after hours
scaring straggling customers almost getting my ass fired,
but always close to the beck and call of managers and a step behind their advances.

(October 9, 2008, Taipei and Hualian)