Wednesday, 28 December 2016

"The Migration" (sf story) in Helios Quarterly Magazine

My story, "The Migration" (1500 words), set in a near-future Malaysian jungle, opens: "One windless muggy morning as I sipped my Sumatran latte, an unknown species flew splat onto the glass of the observation deck."

Helios Quarterly Magazine Volume 1, Issue 2

Friday, 16 December 2016

"Epistemological Opacity and a Queer Relational Jouissance" now online

It is liberating to share my experiences, gripes and hopes in all directions.

My essay argues for a queer relationality, combining queer theory with personal experience:…/…/10.1080/15299716.2016.1236765

Free access eprints are here (limited to 50): 

Or the final version of the manuscript here:…/Epistemological_Opacity_and_a_Qu… 

This article critically situates queer theory and writings on bisexuality in light of the authors experience of orientation fluidity while emigrating from the United States to Taiwan. It suggests that identity, or even identification, may be too limiting to describe community support for relationships within a spectrum ranging from precarious to overdetermined. Focusing on the socioromantic contextualization of embodied jouissance within supportive communities, it explores how the local politics of relationality might provide a sociocultural model for understanding a more radical queerness than essentialist or constructivist models offer. In an era when being openly gay or lesbian may have become broadly accepted, what matters is not performing a consolidated subject policed by conventions of straight/gay/lesbian boundaries, but how one situates relations with others and how one responds to one another in all senses: as potential friends, professional associates, as well as romantic or sexual partners, in light of a sense of cosmopolitan queerness.

bisexuality; queer theory; sexual orientation; identity; biphobia; pansexual; relationships; sexual categorization; LGBTQ; college/university 

Dean Anthony Brink, "Epistemological Opacity and a Queer Relational Jouissance" (2016). Journal of Bisexuality 16 (4), pp. 468-483. 

Sunday, 13 November 2016


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Edenic Cul-De-Sac


Saturday, 5 March 2016

Twelve Tanka on Scooters 
by Huang Minhuei

translated by Dean A. Brink

The translation journal Transference just published a sequence of twelve Japanese tanka (短歌) by a very talented younger member of the Taiwan Tanka Association (台湾歌壇).