Friday, 7 April 2017

One More Thing [

One More Thing [

sends half-billion in Tomahawks
     cuts meals on after school wheels
we now at war] false flag [winners

the time to get your gun get stationed
    get it great again don't dare you
skedaddle blindsided turn-

a-round now can don] hero [you
    are as is why as as is does
    people like it, um, gosh, well

because, I mean, so we
   as is why enough
   as is so is why is
   so as is so as is] the first

flag [

wake up] stood! [paid the price] the dead [
           bottoming out same ole']
move [the probe] "who" [
fallen in the last]
resort the oval [
the firing]
wired [
ed [


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