Friday, 24 April 2009

Putting Bunnies in a Trance

Drawn to the aroma of home-baked apple pie with clove and cinnamon
we lingered at the door like missionaries exemplifying emptiness—
not the clean-sleeved souls that get our feet in the door
but suddenly gaunt and pouty at the jaws.
Not a good start to a rainy day, out in the rain.
Later we were greeted by friendly wagging tails
and the aroma of barbecued ribs sweetly basting.
Luckily by dusk we had had our carrots and could see in the dark
long enough to rival the special forces scouring southern Afghanistan
for heroic figureheads that sent the other ships shipping
nocturnal goggles, making the world purpler—
but they do not like being disturbed the next day.
‘The technician moved the slickened transducer across the woman's abdomen
serving as guide’ to the suspended future, ‘pointing out landmarks,’
slowing the campaign making me long for Alexandria
and all we lost there. We do know the Babylonians
used a method for finding square roots
and replaced the Sumerians in Mesopotamia
and the Akkadians. The method involves dividing and averaging
the coordinate system of twelve zodiacal signs,
each 30° long. Policemen arrested a man in D.C.
with an archaeological piece dating back to the eleventh
tablet of the flood. Putting bunnies in a trance
was used in some parts to drive evil away.

[Note: This poem makes use of Google searching to experiment with collaging phrases found online, following Moore's example of mining miscellaneous ephemera.]

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