Thursday, 19 June 2008

Reportage Notes

By design enjoyable and personal in steps, up-to-date—
a place for brainstorming out of any room
a non-native handshake gesture, fumbled joy,
asides beyond ideas mapping voices to download
to keep the center gratifyingly empty, an other
world nailed down and cauterized
by cicadas by day, bats by night—
things couldn’t be worse
for the influx of harmless ants
though students rarely pick them up
for verbal consultation or have a good excuse
like having a blood transfusion appointment.
No emotions, no purpose besides facts
thrown together to please the form of the event,
no heart as if to care and respond—
pre-witnessed preemptively more cosmopolitan
and distant, unable to voice but a semblance
of the happy wedding, the sad car accident
the tragedy of the poor rags-to-riches-and-back story,
good restaurants along the Riviera, Macao,
sponsors die for, words of important people
objective being through others
and the dust that settles things
in depth, interview all sorts of dire situations
to resist this style—go out and talk with elderly people
which is good for both us and the elderly.

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