Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Disneyland Forests

Rings abandoned the fishermen
as they rowed across the lake.
Soon there would be nowhere to go but home
where friends were hard to come by.
Commercials never mentioned how long
evergreens shadow residents in the season
walling out clear-cuts left high in the hills
to remember as they were,
cash to burn off others' repetitive motions,
seats of balance across climates
circulated over continents so that none of
the collecting plateaus in particular
opened to the winter sun.
Factories would have let some go
they said, so as to keep the keys
so no one thinking of reaching to sustain more
than contours on still waters
where surveyors measure the air
by how far we can see
and plant their galvanized Xs,
lay down the smiles, smiling for the day, divvying
as if the air were demonstrable and the sun was not landing.

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